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Bienvenido al CELAEP

El Centro Latinoamericano de Estudios Políticos – CELAEP es una organización dedicada a la investigación científica, asesoría, asistencia técnica, capacitación y generación de espacios de diálogo.
El CELAEP tiene como misión fortalecer las instituciones y consolidar la democracia en Ecuador y la Región Andina.
Nuestras áreas de trabajo son: democracia; políticas públicas; estudios de seguridad; gestión pública y desarrollo local; transparencia y responsabilidad social; estudios económicos y fiscales; desarrollo y migración; integración y relaciones internacionales.

Noticias y novedades


OECD FORUM 2014 - Resilient Economies for Inclusive Societies

Join us for the 2014 edition of the OECD Forum that will take place on 5-6 May to exchange ideas and experiences on Resilient Economies for Inclusive Societies. Together with current and former heads of state and government, Nobel Prize winners, top CEOs, leaders of key non governmental organisations and trade unions, prominent members of academia and media, you are invited to play a part in shaping responses to global challenges.

Read more: http://www.oecd.org/forum/


Better Life Index

There is more to life than the cold numbers of GDP and economic statistics. The trick is deciding what actually makes for a better life, and how to measure progress.

Economic growth is not an end in itself – the point of growth is to deliver better lives for people across society. It was already becoming clear in the years before the crisis that GDP alone was not good enough– during the boom years inequality was widening in most OECD countries, and more money didn’t seem to be making people happier. But what else should we be measuring to get the full picture?‌

Read more: http://www.oecd.org/forum/issues/

Trust in Government?

The deterioration of trust in government in many OECD countries compromises the willingness of citizens and business to respond to public policies and contribute to a sustainable economic recovery.


Trust in government is deteriorating in many OECD countries. Lack of trust compromises the willingness of citizens and business to respond to public policies and contribute to a sustainable economic recovery.


Trust is important for the success of a wide range of public policies that depend on behavioural responses from the public. Trust is necessary to increase the confidence of investors and consumers. Trust is essential for key economic activities, most notably finance. Trust in institutions is important for the success of many government policies, programmes and regulations that depend on cooperation and compliance of citizens

Read more: http://www.oecd.org/governance/trust-in-government.htm

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